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Often, it may be necessary to use some form of transportation while in Arizona. Business trips and vacations often leave us looking for a mode of traveling with ease in a strange city. Some may simply be out for the evening in celebration of a birthday or anniversary. Why hire a taxi when a Phoenix limo service can meet all your needs for nearly the same price? Taxis are often uncomfortable, unkempt, and often late. With a Scottsdale limo service, such as AZ Sedans, you will be riding in a luxurious limousine that is lushly comfortable and astonishingly well maintained inside and out. With impeccable punctuality, the chauffeurs will arrive at your destination with professionalism and spectacular courtesy. They show a passion for putting their clients’ needs first and foremost. AZ Sedans is one of the leaders in the limousine service industry. Take a look at the many ways they strive to better serve the transportation needs of Arizona:

  • They offer a gigantic selection of vehicles in their late model fleet. This fleet consists of vehicles that have been well maintenanced for your safety as well as pleasure. The tires of all vehicles are changed at intervals of fifty thousand miles. Oil is changed on a regular basis of three thousand miles. There are vehicles to fit any size of entourage; from a party of four up to fifty-six passengers. The services of AZ Sedans are available for transport twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.
  • The staff at AZ Sedans has been well trained. The office staff can acquire a price quote for your event, give you an hourly rate, and make reservations for upcoming occasions. Chauffeurs have been trained both in a classroom setting and on the road. They are taught defensive driving. Upon completion of the training, chauffeurs must ride with a senior chauffeur before being allowed to transport clients on their own.
  • AZ Sedans has an informative website about their extensive amount of services. They list the service areas in Arizona, the types of limos available, links to communication, discounts for new and returning clients, easy reservation, and much, much more.

Keep in mind that AZ Sedans will also pick you up at the airport. They can transport you from the airport to your hotel or other destination. AZ Sedans’ chauffeurs are well versed in the top attractions, shopping, and dining in the many service areas of Arizona.

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