Prom is one of the biggest events of your high school career and is a time to make memories that will last a lifetime. Prom is a night that should be enjoyed with friends, without any stress.  You’ve spent a lot of time on your appearance, don’t arrive wrinkled and disheveled because you and your friends had to cram into a tiny car. A prom limousine rental is the safest, most efficient, and stylish way to arrive at your prom. Take transportation off your checklist by booking your prom limousine rental in advance to make your prom night flawless from start to finish.

 In order to ensure that you make it to and from prom safely, booking your prom limo service through AZ Sedans is the smart choice. We are the choice prom limo service in Phoenix for both parents and teens. With a fleet of stylish, state of the art luxury vehicles we can accommodate any party size whether you’re looking for something romantic or a party on wheels. AZ Sedans has anything you need for your prom limousine rental. With the best Phoenix prom limo rates, the prices AZ Sedans has to offer can’t be beat.

Parents, we understand that prom is expensive, you have the clothing, shoes, accessories, photography and the list goes on. Then once you get them all ready you have to stay up late worrying about them driving home late at night.  We offer affordable Phoenix prom limo rates so that you don’t have to worry about everyone getting to and from prom safely. For years AZ Sedans has been recognized as Phoenix’s choice limo service for all events due to our focus on outstanding customer service, beautifully maintained vehicles, and proven track record.

And then there’s the ugly truth, prom night is one of the biggest nights for drunk driving incidents. Even though high school students aren’t legally allowed to drink many kids choose to drink before and after prom. Don’t put yourself, or your child in danger. One of our professional drivers will serve as a responsible driver getting everyone home safely. For a reliable ride that you can count on, AZ Sedan’s prom limo service is the way to go.

If you’re in charge of booking the transportation for you and your friends, we know you’re looking for a cheap prom limo in AZ that is going to fit your group and get the party started. With the best selection of prom limousines in Phoenix, we have a wide range of vehicles to suit your group’s needs. We provide you with complimentary refreshments to keep hydrated before a long night of dancing, state of the art light and sound systems, and an experienced driver who will get you there on time. Not only will you be able to keep the party going after prom, but you won’t have to worry about driving all your friends home when you’re tired, we’ll do it for you.

Make the right choice when choosing your prom limousine rental, AZ Sedans is the best Phoenix has to offer. Set yourself up for a night of fun with friends with our prom limo services.

For more information on our Phoenix prom limo rates, give us a call at (800) 964-6780 today!