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Turn Around Trips to Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles and more…

AZ Sedans LLC offers special pricing for turn-around trips to Las Vegas, Laughlin, San Diego and Los Angeles! Ride in beautiful Lincoln Navigator Limos, SUV Limos, or SUVs to your favorite destination – avoid the hassle of the airports, party or relax on the trip to your destination and back. Turn around trips are offered to Las Vegas, Laughlin, San Diego and Los Angeles – or your favorite destination – as long as the drive is 8 hours/500 miles or less.
Turn around trips special pricing:
Special pricing is listed below in each of our vehicles that we offer (sedan/SUV and mini-bus/coach pricing call for quote). The rates are complete with a standard 20% gratuity to chauffeur (you can always tip more for excellent service), a room and food for the chauffeur, and is based upon fuel pricing staying at under $2.50/gallon regular/diesel and staying within the 24 / 48 / 72 hour time clock along w/travel time each way so overtime doesn’t apply. Available 7 days a week but not available on holiday or prom weekends.
22-Hour Turn Around trip:
The 22-Hour Turn around trip is perfect for that Bachelor/ette Party or a Birthday party trip to Laughlin or Vegas where you want to party on a budget, gamble or hit the gaming tables/slot machines in Sin City or Laughlin – round trip partying to Vegas starting at $75 per person!

What’s included – Pick ups of your group available anytime up to 6:00 pm so we are back BEFORE 6:00 pm the next day – the 22-hour trip includes a 6.5 hour drive from your home to Vegas (yes-it is 6 hour drive in a NORMAL car – not in a limo/party bus – with the new bridge it may go faster now!) and 6.5 hour drive back. This allows you about 2 stops at about 10 minutes each from AZ to Vegas/Laughlin. For the bladder-challenged or those that need to stop for smoke breaks – try the Laughlin trip – this trip is 5.0 hours normally so will give you more/longer stops to get up to the 6.5 hour trip budget there and back.

Then PARTY in Vegas or Laughlin for 8-12 straight hours. Our chauffeur will drop you off anywhere – the strip, downtown, nightclub, topless club – whatever you want! Then he/she leaves – service is unavailable for 9-12 straight hours. Pick up again at a pre-determined place by chauffeur 9-12 hours later. YOU MUST be back within the 24-hours or you go to the 2-Day Rate column.

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